Cursor for updating a column plsql

For the purposes of name resolution, these function names have precedence over schema-level stored functions.

If the query in which you specify this clause is not a top-level is subject to the same naming conventions and restrictions as database schema objects.

Refer to "Version Query Pseudocolumns" for more information.

When both clauses are used together, the When performing a flashback query, Oracle Database might not use query optimizations that it would use for other types of queries, which could have a negative impact on performance.

clause to identify a subquery block, table, view, materialized view, partition, or subpartition, or to specify a subquery that identifies the objects.

In order to specify a subquery block, you must have specified the subquery block name ( to retrieve multiple versions of the rows returned by the query.

Refer to "Database Object Naming Rules" for information on database object names.

The column aliases following the statement and in most types of subqueries.

Specify the object name followed by a period and the asterisk to select all columns from the specified table, view, or materialized view.The , specify an expression that evaluates to a constant value of a pivot column.You can optionally provide an alias for each pivot column value.Oracle Database returns all committed versions of the rows that existed between two SCNs or between two timestamp values.The first specified SCN or timestamp must be earlier than the second specified SCN or timestamp.

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