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Many of them, like Critelli, will still be on the dating scene.Breast cancer adds a unique set of obstacles to dating.The radiation made her skin too tight so she had to take more drastic measures to form breast. Image wasn’t important to me anymore, my kids were.” Being a new bride, albeit in a wig, also kept her hopes up.The procedure took her Latissimus dorsi, the muscle that wraps from the side to the back, and strapped it across her chest along with two deflated balloon-like sacs. After six months of chemo, 36 more radiation treatments, a mastectomy and a second marriage, she discovered her new husband was addicted to cocaine.“It can be pretty complicated,” said Jennifer Kehm, co-founder of Young Women’s Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation.

“I told my boyfriend then that this would be a long road,” she said.” Megan Mc Cann, Senior Manager of National Programs at Young Survivors Coalition, an organization that advocates more research and diagnostic tools for women under 40, said that the obstacles of dating with breast cancer are physical and psychosocial.“There are physical side effects from treatment that may impact a young women’s sex life,” said Mc Mann.She said the struggle for women dating or trying to salvage a marriage with breast cancer isn’t about racing the clock to have a baby.“It’s about telling someone you need to hurry up and have kids, or that you can’t have any more,” she said. “And then I had cancer so it was like he was stuck. ” Dating with Cancer Ten years later, Critelli was four months into a new relationship.

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