Dating in the dark side

We highly recommend bringing non-lethal self-defense items with you, just in case.

A pepper spray or a personal alarm system is small and easy to wield during a desperate situation.

Online dating might seem like a harmless way of meeting with potential partners, but under the lovey-dovey surface lurks a dark shadow that isn’t openly spoken about.

Believe us, spending an awkward first date with a creepy person is nowhere near as traumatizing as being robbed or getting stalked by your ex.

After exchanging a few messages, the victim was invited to meet “Vanna” at her house.

When he arrived, the woman invited him to the back of the home, only to be assaulted by two men, who took the unlucky soul’s possessions, including his shoes.

For every success story on the internet it seems there’s also a nightmarish scenario on how a date went wrong.

If you wish to avoid falling victim to dating criminals, exercise caution and stay level-headed, but we’ve collected an arsenal of tips to help protect yourself both online and in real life.

There could be a risk of people putting a drug in a partner’s drink in order to numb their resistance.Dating crimes cover a variety of offenses, and include stalking or abusing your partner.Acting forcefully and emotionally exploiting a person to share nudes (also known as dating violence) also belongs to this category.However, an even more nefarious act is on the rise, in which criminals disguise themselves as potential dating partners, only to rob their unsuspecting target when they first meet.In 2017 several news outlets told the story of a young man who met his date on Plenty of Fish.

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Stick to public spaces like restaurants, plazas or movie theaters.

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