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The MVVM pattern is a close variant of the Presentation Model pattern, optimized to leverage some of the core capabilities of WPF , such as data binding, data templates, commands, and behaviors.In the MVVM pattern, the view encapsulates the UI and any UI logic, the view model encapsulates presentation logic and state, and the model encapsulates business logic and data.This allows me to use Data Templates to tell WPF how to draw each IPage View Model.In this example, I’m using an Items Control to display my Page View Models.Each item is drawn using a Button, and the Button’s Command property is bound to the Change Page Command.

I finally came to realize the solution was simple: I needed a View Model for the Application itself, which contained the application state, such as the Current Page.The view interacts with the view model through data binding, commands, and change notification events.The view model queries, observes, and coordinates updates to the model, converting, validating, and aggregating data as necessary for display in the view.It is the startup page of the application, and it is usually the only page or window object in my project.It usually contains This won’t compile right away because I’ve made some changes to it.

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It needs to contain some kind of Navigation that shows the list of Page View Models, and clicking on a Page View Model should execute the Change Page command.

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