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Hector insists on being the driver, leaving Kenny to perform the robbery.

Though Kenny urinates out of nervousness during the robbery, he manages to get a bag full of cash and flee the scene with Hector.

Hector is instructed to destroy the car, while Kenny carries the money to a drop-off point in a nearby wood.

There he meets another blackmail victim (Paul Bazely), who explains they are to fight to the death while the blackmailer observes through a camera-equipped drone; the money goes to the winner.

He revealed that in one version of the story, there was no reason why the events were happening, and in another the roles were reversed, with Jerome Flynn's character having the extremely dark secret. Alex Lawther plays the main character Kenny; Lawther was a "huge fan" of the series prior to auditioning, and particularly liked the previous episode "White Bear".

When first auditioning, Lawther had only seen the script for a couple of scenes and was unaware of the twist ending.

There he is met by a man on a scooter, also acting on instructions from the hacker, who gives Kenny a box with a cake inside.

Kenny is instructed to deliver the cake to a hotel room, where he finds Hector (Jerome Flynn).

In another interview, he says of that episode that "in the same way that one of the things that led to doing "San Junipero" was me thinking, Can I do a story set in the past?

Meanwhile, Hector returns home to his family, but finds the hackers have already sent his wife the evidence of his infidelity.

The other blackmail victims have also had their information released, despite having complied with instructions; they each receive a trollface image from the blackmailer.

– that was where that idea kind of sprang from – we thought, Can we do a story just set today?

" Brooker noted that the story went through many different iterations and some did not include the suggestion that Kenny was (or may have been) looking at child pornography when the blackmailers filmed him.

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The hacker emails Kenny, threatening that the video will be sent to everyone in his contacts list unless he follows a series of instructions.

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