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There’s nothing like a good rub after a long day of work to relieve all the stress and body tension after we’ve been taking care of a lot of things during the day and if that rub happens to be delivered by a hot chick and end up in sex, then that’s fucking awesome! Here we bring you hot videos of sex that began with a massage.

Who hasn’t gotten a boner while being massaged by a hot chick?

#15 At night time I sleep dreaming of you, and in the day time I dream of sleeping with you.

There’s too much body contact, so it’s logical that right after a massage things start getting hot.

It’s the typical “one thing led to another” kind of situation.

Most times she will suck your cock in the process and some others she will let you penetrate her silt, or maybe both if you’re lucky.

Now you’re starting to get the idea of how hot and sensual that is, and I’m telling you, after a good nuru massage you’re as good as new, you’ll feel great and you’ll want to come back for more next time.

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