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Please note: All years listed for Israeli communities give the original founding date. Half of families participate in shared income and expenses.*A moshav is a community where the members share agricultural equipment and market their produce jointly.In some cases, communities began as “Nahal” outposts of the IDF, and only later became civilian. Some moshavim have profit sharing as well (moshav shitufi).A seafaring people from an Aegean isle, probably Crete, invaded the south-eastern Mediterranean coast, then under Egyptian Pharaonic control.The Bible refers to these invaders as “Philistines” (P'lishtim) and the land they invaded as “Philistia” (P'leshet). There are no written records, so the true tribal name(s) or their cultural origin(s) are unknown.Alexander the Great conquers much of the Middle East, including the Gaza region.

He produced his first play or opera in 1733, and the next year he married a cousin, D.

Da Silva began writing satirical plays while a law student, which led to his arrest and torture (along with his poor mother for a second time).

He survived the ordeal, however, and became an outstanding cultural figure, writing comedies that skewered society and ranged in style from puppet shows to operas to burlesques.

Likewise, there are no archeological remains of Philistine pottery – only Canaanite pottery.

Assyria conquers large parts of both the Jewish and Philistine areas.

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