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Conversely, en-uk means the site is published in English and displayed to users whose browser settings indicate United Kingdom.The label is included in the site URL and might look something like this: From this source, all variation sites will be copied.A multi-language site is a single website that’s reproduced and published in more than one language.Most of the content on the site is the same but is localized to reflect the language and culture of customers in various regions.New content can be created on a target variation site, but that content is not shared with other sites and is unique to the site on which it was created.

Hello, To start with, I have to say that everybody wants to sound good on profiles, everybody wants to show that they are open minded and believe in other cultures, but most of the times it is not true. This table defines key terms you will encounter in the variations setup and management process. Generally found at the root of the site collection, the variation home can also be a subsite in a collection.It redirects site visitors to the appropriate variation site based on browser location settings.At its core, a variation site is a managed copy of a website.Authoring takes place in the source site, the site in your variation hierarchy from which all others are copied.

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