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)) If to talk seriously here in my region is very difficult to find job due to the war, that is why many people dont want to come back here.

I feel positive with my position, i can pay bills and buy food myself.

by the way thank you for the photos, you are very positive sympathetic intelligent man. Guessing all your questions, i think general information about me you need to know) My full name is Irina Drozdova.

Friends name me Ira if you like too) I am 32 years old, so i am adult enough to say that i am ready for building family.

We have created this section of our website with one purpose which is to unite our efforts and efforts of our members against dishonest users known as scammers.

We all know that among many net users there are those who try to trick and cheat on others, and they should be known by sight to protect other people from being used.

please provide with your next letter information about yourself and share pictures if you dont mind?

This is coalpit's city, here is not really good environmental situation and population of it small as well.

She will ask you to help her pay the plane ticket to meet you outside russia. ) i dont know when this letter will reach your eyes, anyway i am writing it for you from other side. We talked with you at the dating site and you gave me your e-mail address to correspondence more confidentially here and share pictures.

If you pay, she will start to ask you to send her money for clothes, medicine, tickets, certificates, etc. Could we become friends or hopefully more than just friends?

The "russian love scams" starts with a long series of letters about a russian girl living in a small town, and she travels to Moscow.

They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again.

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