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I won't mention their names ,it does no good as she left months ago after a cyber break up with her chat hubby, who took full mod power. It is a 1990's flash program that any hack could get into with little effort.

I know this firsthand as I was banned by someone who hacked the mod's account, and banned me for saying "hi lady" in a private message.

They ban innocent people and keeps the perverts and trolls. The best part of this place is that you are free to curse, rant, express unpopular opinions ("Adolf Hitler was the best man to ever live", for example), use ethnic slurs, attack, harass, and otherwise play like people ought to be able to!

Don't be surprised to see people having "cyber sex" right out in the open...

Threats and ur private information are posted there and they still nothing. I'm divorced and got my 12 year old sons tablet this morning found messages between him and a boy who my guess is around 17. When I get ahold of this company I will shut it down. I stick to the Adult Room, which has been my home for the past 10 years. There are even people there that have been there longer than me; and it's awesome that everyone knows everyone, but we are also always open to newcomers. You may walk into a conversation about necrophilia, holiday plans, scat-play, pizza toppings, or a romping-fun time with a verbal battle of the wits with trolls, cloners, and others who perfect the art of fighting online!

No mods in the Chatrooms but the censored room and even there the mods are unfair with how they monitor the room. Sometimes it's so busy it's hard to read everything, and other times it's totally dead for up to a half hour at a time.

-lillywhite well its ok but you have to very careful about who you let be your friends and who you talk to but most of my mates use the site and me and my mates only talk to each other and the fack names that people use are so full of crap and people are not useing the rules so if i had to rate it 10/10 i would only rate it 4/10 and please if you use this site be very careful .......

and often in abnormal ways such as in diapers or with animals.

You never know what you are going to get, but more often than not you will be so engaged you will have a hard time logging off! He immediately started flirting and sending sexually laced comments to my son, who was 9 at the time (he has a cousin who is 15, so he trusts that age). " He offered to send pics of himself, "artistic" nudes.

Too cheap to pay for a tech to enforce the rules, she opts for choosing moderators from the chatroom members to act like they are keeping things in order.

That is only when they were onsite, and only when they actually read or witnessed a site violation, or were told of one by another member and they decide to do something, when they rarely did anything claiming lack of proof.

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A chatter says on their profile that they are 12, age limit is 13, but the mod says they have to see the chatter say it or they need to ask the chatter personally to make sure, because in the mod's words, what people put on their profile isn't always the truth. That is just one example of the ineffectiveness of enforcing site rules with a chat member chosen moderator.

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