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I do not know if that explains anything nor if something is still wrong. I accepted just the unpdate for IE9 and clicked install. After the restart and Windows Update informed of the other updates being available, I clicked to take just three of them (the Office updates), but after more than an hour, only showed "0% complete". Interested in any clear advice;meanwhile I will see what can be updated (Windows updates) on the other person's laptop. Two DIFFERENT laptops, each having a different user.

Both affected computers (if it IS the computers which affected) are 8-year-old laptops and no changes to BIOS have been made to them. I find this information through RUN, msinfo32, - BIOS version/date: TOSHIBA v2.30 , 3/18/2008 SMBIOS version: 2.4 BOOT DEVICE: \Device\Harddisk Volume2 Operating System version: 6.0.6002 Service Pack 2 Build 6002 - That is for MY computer; not the other person's. Other than the difficulties currently with Windows Update, everything seems to operate normally. In Services is Bits (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) started?

Microsoft regularly releases major updates to their Windows operating systems.

Google updates, Norton updates, printer driver updates, no problem. I do not myself have a Microsoft Account, otherwise I might try asking on MS Forums.

CHECKING On 3/15/2016: Background Intelligence Transfer Service shown as Started.

Window Update shown as Started - Still waiting for the Windows Update notification about available updates - have not started it manually through Control Panel Edited by cafejose, 15 March 2016 - PM.

You do not need to install them to see which you prefer. For creating a USB flash drive use Rufus and the iso file.

Linux Mint Cinnamon 17.2 LTS - 17.3 has had some issues.

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