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The search for a partner in an arranged marriage in India is conducted by parents, family members or matchmaking professionals who wade through possible matches and weed out impossible ones.

The modalities for arranging the marriages vary widely.

But it turns out that we actually love them because of the way they support who we are.

Relationships Arranged marriages are no 'one size, fits all'.

Many parents are cool - "I'm happy if you are happy" - and knowing their children's likes and dislike, they do their bit of screening; and the time-strapped children are happy to be relieved of the tedium.There's a science to staying in love; at the heart of love is intimacy and friendship, not passion and drama.Too many people believe in the myth that passion provides us with the fuel to get through life together. Right to come into our lives, we can "make a conscious, serious and sustained effort" to trust, communicate, resolve mutual conflicts, and love somebody with whom we share some attraction and a basic compatibility. Read Also Will marriage Become Extinct in the Future?Like everything else in this world, arranged marriage has evolved with time and metamorphosed into something that even today’s urban youth is able to identify with.I would focus on the proof-of-concept of arranged marriages and its dynamics in the present day India where the new breed of MBA-educated women are no longer prepared to be docile wives, yet they give the green signal to their parents to look for a potential partner.

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The parents who arrange their son/daughter meeting, make use of matrimonial sites to search for alliances fitting certain criteria.

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