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I played bisexual on Girltrash but that was one episode.

Every day is a bumper crop of hope here in Hollywood, California. Maybe lightning will strike, someone will be chosen as the next “Renee” or “Scarlett.” This story is about Kristi Johnson. And, it mentions this beautiful young lady who disappeared after going to meet a photographer. Murphy: Doesn’t give any indication of who it was at all. It didn’t look like there was any sort of activity or any kind of bar or restaurant in there. It wasn’t, as he’d told Cathy Debuono, "Brian from Disney." His name: Victor Paleologus—a parolee with no connection to the film industry at all. Obenchain: What we did was we started contacting the roommate, the credit card company, or the debit card company, the cell phone company.

Hall: Right, like, “Gee I wonder what’s happening here that I can’t get a hold of her.” Det. Beverly Hills Police videotaped their pursuit of a stolen BMW as it raced into the parking lot of another Los Angeles mall. He told us things, that he was writing a book, and he would mention other things, but every time the interrogators would point him to “Where is Kristi? And he was like disguising him—like acting all weird and like trying to think, “What is he doing”?

Obenchain: The original patrol officer that was sent to take the missing persons report didn’t feel too good about the circumstances, so he came upstairs to the detective bureau, and I was the only one upstairs. At the wheel was Victor Paleologus who was arrested minutes later and charged with grand theft auto. ” he would answer, “I can’t help you.” Susan Murphy: Yes, I had to do a photo line-up and then later came the actual line-up. And I was like, "That’s the guy for sure." And if his pick-up line was to pretend to be in showbiz, so what? Paleologus and his attorney Andy Flier sat down with us in the men’s central jail in Los Angeles. Morrison: Susan Murphy, for example, says she met you in a mall and you came on to her and suggested you were a movie producer—and then, sure enough, the video in the mall shows you approaching Susan Murphy. Victor Paleologus: Well, it corroborates the fact that we met.

The deal: He would escape the death penalty and get 25 to life with the possibility of parole but without the right to appeal. Morrison: Was it important to the family to hear him say, “I killed your daughter”? This is how the predator was brought to justice, after so many women, so many accusations, and so many plea deals for so little prison time (in Christine Kludjian’s case, there was no jail time at all).

Morrison: He would have had to arranged those before— Kludjian: Exactly. Morrison (interviewing Paleologus): Did you tie her up? And so it went, as legal motions ground their long and slow journey, and Victor Paleologus grew wan and pale from years in the men’s central jail. That was the most important thing for me in this case. Thank God for naive, trusting, young females in this world. Morrison: In a trial when you’re dealing with a con man how much of a worry is that? And so this past July, Paleologus appeared in open court before the judge and agreed that he and he alone had caused the death of Kristi Johnson up on that rain-soaked hill in Hollywood. Morrison: Did they get as much as they wanted in that respect? Terry Hall, Kristi’s mother: Victor Paleologus has been allowed the freedom to let the evil in his life escalate, resulting in the heinous murder of Kristi my beloved young daughter, a beautiful young woman on the threshold of her life.

He seemed like he could be legitimately in the business and talking to me about a real opportunity. Obenchain: And, that happens to be everything that Kristi purchased on February 15. Susan in 2003 and Cathy in 1998 agreed to meet the pleasant stranger. And you suspect something terrible’s happened to this girl obviously. I don’t think you’d say that I the situation if you were being bent over the barrel for 3 ½ years. Finally somebody wants you to stand up, like a man. So this is all a dance that’s kind of silly, don’t you think? How could she know it was Victor Paleologus, and that her story would end like the Black Dahlia?

Murphy: He said it’s very important that I wear stilettos. And then he said a black mini-skirt preferably but any mini-skirt would be great. In the hours before she disappeared, Kristi Johnson bought a black mini skirt, sheer nylons, stiletto heels, and the white shirt. But they were a little nervous and just in case, each decided to bring a male friend along. Cathy Debuono: When what you want so badly is written on your sleeve, predators of any kind are gonna use that as the bait.

So he told me, and I remember when he explained the circumstances, the hair on the back of my neck started to rise. Obenchain: We talked to the roommate, and the roommate told us that she had gone to Century City mall, went shopping there and was very excited when she came home because she was going to audition for a James Bond clip. Obenchain: There are some girls that will go with perfect strangers in the hopes that they can make it big. They just come in, and they figure, “Oh, back in the old days where you used to meet at the drug store counter and then you’re all of a sudden a star.” Morrison: Sure. Keith Morrison, Dateline correspondent: Did he talk? Andy Flier, attorney for Victor Paleologus: I assume he’s not the first male to try to meet a young lady and maybe get lucky, irrespective of what tale they tell. It didn’t corroborate the fact that I told her to do anything.

We got a call from a young lady on our tip line, and she told us that she, too, had been approached at the Century City mall. Debuono: I was instructed by him to wait in my car in an area of the block where he told me to park. Mind you, the male friend in the car with her was perfectly visible. Susan Murphy got out of her car, left her boyfriend there, down the street, watching as she walked to a busy intersection just as the man had instructed.

But the advertisers tend to take a wait and see approach, to see if the hits will continue to be good. LN: It looks like you’re all having a blast on the set? MQ: Nancylee and Paige and I worked together before and I love their brilliant comedic minds.

We’ve got people interested in picking up advertising.

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