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I played bisexual on Girltrash but that was one episode.Every day is a bumper crop of hope here in Hollywood, California. Maybe lightning will strike, someone will be chosen as the next “Renee” or “Scarlett.” This story is about Kristi Johnson. And, it mentions this beautiful young lady who disappeared after going to meet a photographer. Murphy: Doesn’t give any indication of who it was at all. It didn’t look like there was any sort of activity or any kind of bar or restaurant in there. It wasn’t, as he’d told Cathy Debuono, "Brian from Disney." His name: Victor Paleologus—a parolee with no connection to the film industry at all. Obenchain: What we did was we started contacting the roommate, the credit card company, or the debit card company, the cell phone company. Morrison: And, so when you were called up to where the body was, what was found? Victor Paleologus (second interview with Dateline): Well, I’ve never had an issue about talking about any piece of the case. Kristi Johnson's Mother Terry Hall is helping to build a memorial to Kristi -- a fountain in her name. ” Keith Morrison, Dateline correspondent: Are you ready now to talk more candidly about what happened? Even though the terms of Victor Paleologus' plea prevent any appeal, he says he plans to file one anyway. The deal: He would escape the death penalty and get 25 to life with the possibility of parole but without the right to appeal. Morrison: Was it important to the family to hear him say, “I killed your daughter”? This is how the predator was brought to justice, after so many women, so many accusations, and so many plea deals for so little prison time (in Christine Kludjian’s case, there was no jail time at all). Morrison: He would have had to arranged those before— Kludjian: Exactly. Morrison (interviewing Paleologus): Did you tie her up? And so it went, as legal motions ground their long and slow journey, and Victor Paleologus grew wan and pale from years in the men’s central jail. That was the most important thing for me in this case. Thank God for naive, trusting, young females in this world. Morrison: In a trial when you’re dealing with a con man how much of a worry is that? And so this past July, Paleologus appeared in open court before the judge and agreed that he and he alone had caused the death of Kristi Johnson up on that rain-soaked hill in Hollywood. Morrison: Did they get as much as they wanted in that respect? Terry Hall, Kristi’s mother: Victor Paleologus has been allowed the freedom to let the evil in his life escalate, resulting in the heinous murder of Kristi my beloved young daughter, a beautiful young woman on the threshold of her life. But still they come from all over to play their slim chances. Susan Murphy: I read an article a couple of weeks after what happened to me. It doesn’t really give any indication of who it was. He said, “Bring your car here, park here—someone will come out and get you.” Morrison: What happened? Murphy: I noticed it was an abandoned building it looked like to me. It’s like, you know, “You’re not right for the part anyway.” He’s like “Just forget it.” And then he goes and starts to walk away. It wasn’t "Victor Thomas," as he’d told Susan Murphy.

MQ: Christina and Liz worked with Nancylee on Nikki and Nora. But Kristi Johnson had other things to think about. Or she could put on her high heels and a great outfit and look a totally a different way too. He said, “I’m a director of photography and we’re casting for the new James Bond movie.” And he said, “We’ve been casting all day and you’re the look we want, you’re perfect.” Murphy: I’d had enough experience to kind of know that this was a come-on, a pick-up. He fit the description provided by both Susan Murphy and Cathy Debuono. Morrison: And yet women look at your picture and say, “Yeah, he’s the guy. They’re making a James Bond film.” Paleologus: That’s a lie. Hall: And I thought, “Now that’s strange.” Keith Morrison, Dateline correspondent: Kind of a low-grade anxiety? And that’s when Detective Obenchain caught a break. We knew that it was critical that we find her as soon as possible. Terry Hall, Kristi Johnson’s mom: The chief of police and the captain of the Santa Monica police department did come to visit me, and they said that they really felt that Kristi was probably not alive. As a parent, I’m very hopeful that maybe this person has abducted my daughter but he hasn’t murdered her. Morrison: You took responsibility for Kristi’s death. Morrison: I’m fairly confident I wouldn’t confess to killing somebody if I hadn’t actually killed them. Seem odd that a man in prison for life is worried about personal financial ruin? Hindsight right now almost immediately gave me the remorse of ever signing or ever agreeing to a plea. Look, unless you’re actually in that situation, you’re actually faced with the same consequences and the same pressure and the same mental mind-bending that you’re going through, that you may have just made the same choices I made that day.

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