Are charlyne yi and michael cera actually dating

While I personally found her oddly charming her mannerisms and monotone voice seem almost autistic at times.Yi’s singular persona is likely the reason why this film went largely unseen, even by the Cera hardcore.She's a musician, and an artist and unsure, but it's OK to be unsure. And here’s where things get interesting — Yi is playing Yi and Cera is playing Cera, but Jasenovec is played by Jake M. It appears that the on the street interviews are real, but most of the film is certainly scripted.

"We're not dating," says Charlyne, "We were always friends, before, during and after. Oh my god." Their comfort with each other is evident from their banter."The rumors are not true about Michael and I." States Jake, "We are just friends.""They did not make out," adds Charlyne. With technology now, you can get a camera for a hundred bucks on your phone. Charlyne: So many people get deals, so many You Tubers get scripts and things made because they're constantly creating things on their own. It was the first time we all hung out together, and so we went on an adventure. In terms of a script, there was only a five page outline.

However the nature of the content allows for the blasé aesthetics to seem purposeful rather than limiting, adding another layer of pseudo-reality to the proceedings.

Too, the extremely rudimentary animation plays entirely more charmingly than it should.

Not only is this movie sweet and funny, it’s also fascinating on a technical level, and in modern comedy, that’s sort of a miracle.

THE DVD The DVD transfer is crisp and clear, the audio was never muffled, even during the man on the street interviews.

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It’s not the kind of movie that really works your home theater too hard, but it does what it has to.

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