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Hearing Conley singing Robert Plant's melodies in exactly the same keys as the original recordings, the thought occurs that Plant (in those days, anyway) was a man with a woman's voice.And seeing Paynes playing her guitar with a violin bow and making her lithe, lunging stage moves, you realize how slight and coquettish Page was.“What Jimmy was witnessing was complete and utter passionate surrender to his music and all of its moods, all of its sexuality, by musicians who are in a place where we can do that,” Paynes says with a typical flourish.She later formed a band in London and got herself some work writing for the NME and other journals.She played in a militant all-girl punk band called 1-900 Boxx who featured in the movie Rhythm Thief and she toured in Ronnie Spector's band.Paynes actually first met Page in October 2012 when she buttonholed him at a party after the New York premiere of the Zeppelin movie Celebration Day.“At one point I reached out and touched his face,” she says. He laughed and said, 'I know'.”Will she and Page meet again?A pic of Scarlet with her then boyfriend--now hubby--Tom Brown. When asked why she gave her daughter such an old-fashioned name she said something like:"With a name like Scarlet, you have to ask?!

Lez Zeppelin, the female Led Zeppelin tribute band, had an idea that there might be someone special in the audience when they were playing their gig at the Garage in north London.'Each and every one of you is brilliant'.”Page corroborates their story.“They played the Led Zeppelin music with an extraordinary sensuality,” he proclaims, some days later.She has even mastered the no-sticks sequence during the drum solo which comprises most of “Moby Dick”. But the fact that they are women, strutting and preening like rock gods of old, plays odd tricks on your mind.For all their much avowed machismo on and off the stage, there was a duality about Led Zeppelin and their music which was not fully appreciated at the time.

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But it wasn't until they ended with a swirling, shrieking, shuddering encore of “Whole Lotta Love” that the band's guitarist Steph Paynes saw a shock of white hair by the bar at the back of the venue and knew for certain that her alter ego, the real Jimmy Page, was there.“I'd dreamt of that moment for so long,” says Paynes, who put the group together 10 years ago in New York.

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