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"It’s more straightforward and as engaging, especially if the person comes across as warm and approachable," he says."Guys often try to look too stoic or overly manly." And, in keeping as close to the truth as possible, he refuses to retouch the resulting images.For something as important to you as finding the perfect partner you need a The Headshot Guy® headshot – because you are worth it!Perhaps the idea of a professional portrait session is not for you.Remember you’re trying to sell yourself and your lifestyle.”To help her clients figure out what characteristics of theirs to put forward, Nelson sends them tips and a questionnaire ahead of the photo shoot.

The photograph you use on your online dating profile is as important as the words you use.

I found that when people talk about themselves and their passion, their expression changes.

That’s often the sweet spot."Rather than try to recreate candid moments, Schwartz favors the traditional headshot.

That's why some photographers are banking on the popularity of the impish dating app by offering their services to make users look their best.“People have this tendency to create their dating profile in less than 10 minutes even though it could be the most important thing they do for their love life," says British photographer Saskia Nelson.

In May 2013, she set up Saturday Night’s Alright after spending eight years on online dating sites and growing tired of seeing the same blurry and dingy portraits.

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She sees it as a way to supplement her income between assignments, have a bit of fun and elevate the standards of the images she comes across when perusing the app.

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