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Many people do not realize that online dating web sites are a marvelous way to date nearby Columbus people.Internet services feature localization and matching technology to locate people that live nearby better than the small local columbus dating web sites and columbus personals.We can be fairly certain though that one of two things will happen here: 1) Various Ohio courts - tough luck on that one, eh?- will decide that the Crew will stay right where it is, thanks 2) An ugly, protracted legal battle which could take years to adjudicate will make a bunch of lawyers very rich and Don very unemployed.We'll look forward to seeing you play the Crew for many years to come.

New York: There's lots more, like the PR firm Elizabeth Christian Public Relations, which has been retained to represent this whole charade down there - they admit to having hosted a series of "get acquainted meetings" for city officials and soccer reps, although the real question, as posed by Massive report is: Does MLS have similar operations in any of the 12 expansion candidate cities? Meanwhile, Austin Texas is doing nothing, asking for nothing and contributing nothing: Don Garber is spending large amounts of league money and time trying to force the Columbus Crew down their throats. However, the really instructive point is the date on Garber's letter: August 7.

However, with the Columbus legal issues up in the air it says here they're not going to give Cincy a damned thing.

In addition, they're going to want to take a serious look at locating a team in a state where it appears the law says they can never be removed.

The problem may have been that, earlier that day, the Mayor of the City of Columbus sent Garber and Precourt a very nice letter offering various routes to a stadium solution and inviting them to talk with him. Duffey's letter to the Ohio AG will almost certainly be the torpedoing of Cincinnati's shot at being named one of the two expansion teams to be announced next week.

MLS/PSV sent an insulting one sentence response - without header or signature - basically inviting His Honor to F*ck himself and possibly that didn't fit Donny G's carefully vetted "extensively" prepared comments. It looked very much like they were a front-runner, but a big part of that was always going to be a tacit statement about replacing Columbus with another Ohio team, thus proving that it's not about flyover country but "business metrics".

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