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) Oh, for certain there are a few who have actually read the papers…but mostly in an attempt to refute, rather than understand.For example, I keep seeing papers (and transwomen on internet fora) citing Swaab’s earlier papers on transsexual brain studies as though they supported the brain sex hypothesis for gynephilic transwomen, when in fact, they do not.(As a reminder, all of the subjects had been on HRT for years and we now know that HRT causes shifts in brain structure.) To spot these errors, one has to understand the entire corpus of published papers and carefully, and yes, skeptically, construct a picture of what the collective evidence does and does not support.

No, she was regurgitating what she had read about Blanchard, from authors who had written about Blanchard after having read about Blanchard from other authors who had written about Blanchard, etc., many suggesting that Blanchard and his cronies are in a conspiracy to defame transwomen.

Bringing a Plastic Picnic Knife to a Gunfight If one were to trust the discussions on various internet fora, and even occasionally a direct email, one would think everyone in the trans* community was an expert on trans* sexuality and experience.

One would think that they all have read the science papers and have considered the evidence. One transwoman told me on a forum (my own facebook page of all things) that she had read all of Blanchard’s papers and knew that they were all bogus. whereupon she jumped down my throat about how stupid I was to use psychoanalytic arguments. “I thought you said that you had read of all Blanchard’s papers.

Further Reading: Essay on Moser’s purported study on autogynephilic in women Essay on Swaab’s BSTc and INAH3 papers Essay on Nuttbrock study Bibliography: A non-exhaustive list of research papers that comprise a bare minimum study list On the Science of Changing Sex Fun Reading: Sincerity Espinoza didn’t go looking for trouble, it found her.

All she wants out of life is the chance to go to the stars but she is caught in a web of misunderstandings, political & legal maneuvering, and the growing threat of terrorist plots by religious fanatics.

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