Religious controversy of carbon dating bones

Please, keep helping us defend and proclaim the real history of the Bible, on which the credibility of the Gospel itself depends. Most papers are not accepted, because there is a limit to the number of slots available. He is free to write a paper and submit that to a journal.

reaches millions of people each year–many of these aren't believers in our Creator and Savior Jesus Christ. Typically symposia have a smaller number of oral presentation slots. Again, the criteria is usually for newer, and sometimes more controversial presentations. There is no guarantee of publication, but if his paper does shed light on contamination issues, then it may get published.

Editor, Roberto de Mattei, Edizioni, Cantagalli s.r.l.

Siena, nell’ottobre 2009 and in Germany in English by Brandenstein-Zeppelin and Stockhausen. Evolution and the Sciences: A Critical Examination. (English) Gerhard Hess Verlag, 88427 Bad Schussenried, Germany.

peer reviewed technical papers: We have submitted six abstracts of our C-14 data and all were reviewed and turned down until finally one was accepted for oral and poster presentations at the Asia Oceania Geophysics Society-American Geophysical Union Assembly [AOGS-AGU] of 2000 scientists in Singapore in August of 2012 for the Biogeoscience session.

Regarding why there were no questions on the You Tube presentation – the hotel conference projectionist stopped taping without our knowledge.

Because the research council in Italy was a government agency the book became quite controversial and hit the International science news I hope this info will result in further C-14 studies.

First off I'd like to make a few additions to my previous post as there was a limit on the number of characters. His team encouraged me and our Paleo Group to continue our C-14 dating of dinosaur bones and other fossils.

(Go to Wednesday, room Leo 2, double-click on BGO2, which is the session that had the presentation.

Unwilling to challenge the data openly, they erased the report from public view without a word to the authors or even to the AOGS officers, until after an investigation.

It won’t be restored.” Indeed, one can go online to see a screen shot of the original program.

If scientists don’t like the conclusions of the presenters, they should make a case that the underlying data is faulty, instead of censoring it outright.

There are plenty of dinosaur bones out there that could be tested for C-14—one would hope that other researchers will take up the challenge and perform similar analyses to these researchers.

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