Liquidating a home

Other consignment stores will take items they think they can sell, price them fairly low and keep 50 percent of what people pay; the price goes down if the clothes go unsold after a month.

(MORE: The Art of Shedding Possessions) If you're entrepreneurial (I'm not), you could try selling your parent’s clothing on e Bay; in the suburbs, you could have a yard sale.

Hall says a general appraisal typically takes one to three hours.

"Appraisers can also advise you on the best options for the dissolution of the property, whether that’s an auction, consignment or estate sale," Hall says.

basically means property – so it follows that the term Estate Sale means the sale of property.

The way it is mostly understood however, is that an “Estate Sale” is the sale of the personal property of someone who has passed away.

My husband wound up sorting through all of Mom’s financial and personal papers. Truthfully, I didn't feel like digging through every single one of my mom’s closets, drawers and containers. Talk with an attorney about how to transfer assets to named beneficiaries. Hire an estate appraiser to value furniture, jewelry and antiques.

As Julie Hall, an appraiser and liquidator and author of says, “Feelings are raw and you're in crisis mode — that doesn't lend itself to good decisions." So here are nine tips, based on my ordeal and subsequent reporting, that should ease the way if you need to clean out your parent’s home: 1. I was responsible for everything, which was a burden, but also an advantage: I didn't have to wait for others to make the clean-out decisions.Ultimately, your best bet may be to make charitable donations.I sent 20 cartons of suits, dresses, and accessories to Dress for Success, a terrific organization that outfits low-income women for jobs and interviews; the group charged to pick up the cartons. This is someone who, for a fee, will clear out whatever's left after you've decided what to keep, sell, give away or junk."Appraisal societies offer continuing education through universities in art, antiques and rugs," she says."It's a good sign when appraisers continue to gain certifications, since that shows they want to keep learning." 5.

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The third offered us $1,500 because he wanted to sell the contents at a home furnishings show in Atlanta.

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