Liquidating a home

If one brother or sister chooses high-ticket items, he or she should pay the other siblings an amount that will even things out. I quickly learned that most clothing has little resale value, unless it's vintage (i.e., from the '60s or earlier).

Designer resale or consignment shops might only take upscale clothes or items bought in the last two years that are in perfect condition.

When my mother died last year at 87, I was torn between grief and the immediate need to empty the New York City apartment she had lived in for 50 years.

As her only child and executor, I had 30 days to dismantle a beloved home filled not only with memories, but with stacks of bank statements, overflowing closets (Mom had owned a women's clothing boutique), boxes of unsorted photos, furniture, antiques, kitchenware and more.

"Appraisal societies offer continuing education through universities in art, antiques and rugs," she says.

"It's a good sign when appraisers continue to gain certifications, since that shows they want to keep learning." 5.

The cost will depend on such factors as your location and the type of appraisal you want.

You might pay to 0 an hour for a general appraisal; 0 an hour for a fine arts appraisal.

Indeed that may have been true at one time, but today estate sales are used to liquidate the contents of even modest homes.Still, the job was so massive that I needed help and you probably will, too.Don’t be shy about asking for a hand from close family members, friends or even your parent’s aide. Before throwing away any papers, find and put aside your parent’s will, trusts and addenda; life insurance policies and statements, real estate deeds and titles; recent bank statements (you can get older ones electronically); stock certificates; 401(k) records; tax returns and receipts necessary for filing next year's income tax return.basically means property – so it follows that the term Estate Sale means the sale of property.The way it is mostly understood however, is that an “Estate Sale” is the sale of the personal property of someone who has passed away.

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