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Q: When Narnia 4 is made, will Skandar and Georgie appear in it? I totally love Skandar Keynes and can Tell you that when Skandar was shooting the movie Narnia part 1 ,, HE was going through and emotional stage and wasnt liking girls ,, but then when he was 15 right last year he may have date ANNA POPPWELL IS MY BEST GUESS BECAUSE HE SAID HIMSELF HE LIVES RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER FROM HER AND THAT HE WAS REALLY GOOD FRIENDS WITH HER. but i love him alot and would like to know the answer to this question too but i guess he wont expose her name to anyone to that SUc KS!

After he played this role, he became well praised and acclaimed all over the world. He announced his retirement as an actor in Young and talented guy, Skandar Keynes was born as Alexander Amin Casper Keynes in the early 1990s in London Borough of Camden, London, England, United Kingdom to Randal Keynes and Zelfa Cecil Hourani. At the age of eight, Skandar got enrolled at Anna Scher Theatre School. But before studying in this school, he attended Thornhill Primary School. After he played this role, he became well praised and acclaimed all over the world.

Georgie Henley, aka Lucy Pevensie, called him out over the photo a bit.

“you know what Ben that’s v unfair because it’s v hard to retaliate with bad pictures of you, you’re horrifically photogenic (HOWEVER I ALSO HAVE PICS OF THIS SQUIRREL MOMENT SORRY WILLY),” she wrote…but then, found the best embarrassing throwback of Ben.

it's probs a good thing he won't expose her name, as would YOUR boyfriend/girlfriend want hate mail cos they love someone? they look so cute but i do wish they would stop hiding it.........means i have to pay more money for the pictures .

from my new paparazzi pictures he is dating a girl by the name of Hannah romevir smith .

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Edit He has been nominated in Young Artist Awards several times in his life.

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