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Most riders strive for perfection and are guilty of watching the rounds that they absolutely nailed (or, then again, didn’t) over and over again, dissecting every detail—because once is never enough—or going straight online to look at what photos the photographers managed to capture from the show over the weekend.

There will always be a lot of blood, sweat and tears involved…both happy and sad!

If he has a fall, or just a bad day in general, for example, it’s probably best to stay in the VIP or the bar and wait for him to approach you! Equestrian athletes are on the road for most of the year going from show to show, and country to country, so all those comforts of home are few and far between. Horses will and most likely always come before you. Even if it’s just petting the horses, endeavoring to stay as spotless as you left the house that day just isn’t reality (because you know even if you to stay clean, a stray bit of hay or shavings will most likely end up somewhere).

There was no dramatic breakup, no sob-worthy narrative of betrayal I could spin into an “I hate men” rant.

Mixing the story of The Wizard of Oz with Todrick Hall's life story and beliefs, this modernized musical remake of The Wizard of Oz takes the classic and covers themes such as love, gay rights, police brutality, and more.

Clarence operates a Zombie termination service in Zombie Town.

Yet simply existing here makes it all too easy to be seduced by the notion of having someone close by—geographically and emotionally—to help shoulder the burdens of university life.

In a tragically ironic twist, it also creates a dating culture that has tossed accountability to the wind.

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