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But the responses are pure techno-divination, many of them revealing how profoundly difficult it is to talk about robots, without making irrational, unsupported assumptions.

The best example is from Giga OM Research’s lead researcher Stowe Boyd.

This is just one example, from one report, but Frey and Osborne’s analysis is full of logical leaps, and far-reaching conclusions drawn from cursory observations about robots that have yet to replace humans.

To say that this is an incredibly complex and wide-ranging issue is an understatement.Conceptual cover art notwithstanding, the Domino’s bot is nowhere near feasible. When tech experts who aren’t roboticists ignore all of the inconvenient barriers to the development and deployment of robots, from manufacturing costs to legal and political considerations, the machines are always a decade or so from invading a given profession.In 2004, for example, computer programmer and How Stuff founder Marshall Brain predicted that airline pilots would be out of work by 2015.For now, pizza delivery by drone is a fully illegal act.The FAA has claimed that, by 2020, commercial bots will be allowed to fly over the U. while being directly controlled by a human operator, who is in constant line-of-sight of the aircraft.

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