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There were at least five victims that we know of, but police believe there could have been many more. They lived in houses next to or opposite each other on the outskirts of Kidwelly (population 3,000) near Carmarthen.

Yet these vile activities did not disturb the neighbours. This disturbing story begins not in Wales, however, but more than 200 miles away in East London.

Yet they could not have imagined the extent of what was really going on behind the closed curtains of the so-called Temple.

During occult gatherings it became the set of a horror movie.

Batley, in a hooded robe, would read out extracts from the Book of the Law, which had been typed out and laminated by his wife.

Hanging above him on the wall was a gold ceremonial dagger and sitting menacingly nearby were his two rottweilers, Tutankhamun and Sekhet.

Police believe there was another reason for the exodus; they suspect that other members of the cult – who have not been identified – were based in Wales.

Once inside, he got into bed and then realised that the other person lying beside him was Elaine Batley.

‘I did it because I was told to by Colin.’ Another woman victim said she was recruited into the cult and became pregnant after becoming a ‘sexual plaything’ for the group.

Batley ordered her not to abort her ‘occult child’.

She had sex with him twice in Batley’s caravan in Tenby.

Batley, it emerged during the trial, had been reported to Carmarthenshire Social Services in 2002 by a concerned relative.

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One of the charges against Shelly Millar was that she seduced a boy of 15.

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