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The company’s photo archive is available at the National Library of Ireland.

Interior views of the hotels were also produced and some of these are very popular with collectors today.

They are images that epitomise the golden age of seaside holidays.

Saucy postcards featuring heaving bosoms, henpecked husbands, miserable wives and captions loaded with double entendres were as much part of the fun as candy floss and donkey rides.

The company also published postcards under the label – a novel idea which was a set of picture postcards that could be played as 45rpm records which were manufactured by the Hardy Record Manufacturing Company of London.

The company initially published its own hand coloured images of the landscape of south-west of England and later graduated to producing art reproductions.

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But in the early 1950s local councils organised a mass clean-up at resorts across the country, and in 1954 Mc Gill was charged with publishing obscene images. Four of his cards were immediately banned and 17 withdrawn from sale.

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