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If you watch the web cams, you have the opportunity to see Luna and Grizzer in some bouts of play.I had the chance to witness her good mood when she decided to play and throw her meds in the air before eating them.I started a low throated tone and he switched octaves and joined me.I know people miss the web cam, but a torrential downpour flooded and shorted out the camera.

Wolf care staff has seen an increase in the number of play bouts between Luna and Grizzer. The other night I witnessed Grizzer on top of the east den and Luna inside.

If you watch the web cams or have the opportunity to visit in person, you will see that Aidan always has a watchful eye on what is going on with all the exhibit wolves.

Aidan was quick to step in if playing got out of hand, especially if Boltz was involved.

He is so alert to the activity of the Exhibit Pack that he seems to know there’s activity before the surveillance cameras pick up movement.

Shadow is the reason why I am hoping the IT folks get the web cameras live.

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DOC was at a loss over the incident, she said."We cannot say exactly why this sad event occurred.

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