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Biographical information for women born with the surname “Hulburd” (or a variation thereof), is typically listed at the end of the entries for their respective fathers. On the top of pg 61, said book continues: ‘Of the 33 petitioners, all but three...appear to have been residents of Northampton.

15 Did William Hulburd I Marry Helen / Ellen Tinker in 1628 in (New) Windsor, England? And many of the names never appear in Northfield records’.

Michael's College in the University of Toronto.

[Note DMI: The process of cutting and pasting the body of this nearly 500 page into this Wikipage on , has left the original formatting of the document altered/changed, in an often confusing manner. Similarly, the birth of William II and Mary’s first child, Thomas, is recorded in Northampton, MA records on , not necessarily indicating that they were in physical residence in Northampton, MA at this time, but that Enfield, CT was considered by MA to be a part of Northampton, MA]., pg 466, William Hulburd II was grated 400 acres as an aside in a joint petition of the towns of Northampton and Westfield to divide land between them, being signed , and granted in the June session in 1701, the land being divided provided that the “Springfield grant be not impinged…

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Note: This volume was Sedgefield's presentation-copy. This confusion between the two distinct lines has been greatly magnified by the machinations of notorious genealogical fabricator Gustav Anjou, who created a fictitious ancestry connecting in England the American immigrants Thomas Hurlbut(t), William Hulburd I and Walter Holbard as brothers. if he had been sent there during King Philip's War as a soldier to protect those regions, or track down the Indians who had marauded those towns in that region). However, it should also be noted, that per pg 80, Capt.This is pure creation, and there is demonstrably no grain of truth in it. Beers who was sent to defend Squakeag / Northfield, and was killed there by the Indians on , was estimated to be age 63 at the time.16 Was William Hulburd I Originally from Reading (Berkshire), England? The initial petition to settle Squakeag of 1671 (signed by a William ‘Hulburd’) was rejected by the court’s magistrates for reasons unknown.18 Hulbert Church Records from Reading, England and Surroundings Prior to 1630 20 The Connection of William Hulburd I to Robert Keayne of London, England and Boston, MA 22 Did William Hulburd I Immigrate to MA in 1629 Aboard the Higginson Fleet? When the engagers re-petitioned the court the following year, the 33 original petitioners had now become reduced to only 23 petitioners; loosing the signature of Samuel Allen Jr.

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