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And before some of you say that Mag Safe has patents on this, remember that the magnetic catch for a power cord was used on deep fat fryers YEARS before Mag Safe [2].[1] Files/102855/Fryers-Deep 2. Small deal but it was a nice quality of life feature.Nexus phones never had an SD card unless you count the Nexus One.So the thing is, the Nexus 5 was a near-perfect phone (especially considering it was released two years ago), and it's totally reasonable to think it's still doing the job very well -- it is. The fact that I can sit down at my desk, plop the phone down, and it'll just work, and when I get up to leave I can just pull it off my desk.But that's a fact about the N5, not the N5X/6P. The 808/810 aren't gigantic generational leaps over the 800, but they're significantly faster 64-bit. They're both bigger; 1080p resolution seems irrelevant on a 5"-ish screen (though obviously welcome on larger screens where 1080p would be under 400 dpi). Well, the 6P gives that to you, though the 5X doesn't. Removing the USB cable interaction made the phone a much more invisible and organic part of my day.They have the same resolution, same amount of memory, same amount of storage. Interestingly my problems with it are exactly three things that aren't addressed in the new models:1.I don't shoot video, and I probably won't use fingerprint reader - but I do use wireless charging every day. The wireless charging, while seemingly a small thing, was to me a huge improvement in my experience of using the phone.As an owner of Nexus 5 I must say I'm a bit disappointed with this announcement. So that's one downgrade, two specs that haven't changed on the 5X, and six that have; eight of those specs are better on the 6P.

Someone at the bank said, "Hey, all these new-fangled phones have fingerprint readers, why don't we tap into that and sell it as a feature?

It's not absolutely necessary, but since I upgrade on a long cycle, the extra storage lets me extend my phone's obsolescence cycle a bit more.

It would also mean less money for Google—or any smartphone maker, for that matter.

There’s no incentive for them to offer a feature that would only exist to divert cash flow to other sources and, even if they did jump into the removable storage industry, preclude them from charging a premium for extra storage.

Only offering internal storage also encourages “preparing for the worst”, i.e., getting more storage than you will most likely need.

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  1. It is always possible that a new firmware version does not operate as expected in some environments so if an issue is discovered soon after upgrading to a new version then being able to roll-back the devices to the previous release is critical.