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"I feel like it's gross and I feel like it's not a good message to girls. But that would also explain his behavior for a long time. "WATCH: Chelsea Handler Says Jennifer Aniston 'Doesn't Care' About Brangelina's Divorce Handler also shared her final memory of icon Florence Henderson, who died on Nov. The pair hung out an awards show two months ago, during which Henderson suggested they have a drink."I was like, 'They don't have alcohol here,' and she said, 'But if you ask them, they'll bring it to you.' So I did, and they brought me a bottle and then she drank with me the whole night. She was like, 83 and totally with it, cool and funny!

I think that family is a tough family to [be in]."When the radio announcers pointed out that Handler herself has posted half-naked photos on social media, she was quick to defend herself.

So if someone says: “I don’t want to talk about my husband or my kids” then forget it, because that’s your life. ] show, I interviewed a lot of reality stars and I’d always drift off, thinking about what I was going to eat later because they were so uninteresting.

But I like Brits – I interviewed Tom Hiddleston and he was very sweet and very square.’ On Donald Trump’s politics and policies: ‘I’m going to be leading a lot of marches about this.

Chelsea Handler got even more candid than usual in a raunchy new interview, during which she admitted to going on a date with Bobby Flay, said she feels bad for Kanye West and shared how she got drunk in a theatre with Florence Henderson two months before “The Brady Bunch” star died.

When confronted with a list of men she’s rumoured to have dated during an interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, the comedian shared how she wound up on a date with Flay, who divorced his third wife, actress Stephanie March, last year. He just came after me and wouldn’t let up, so I was like, ‘Alright, fine.’ And then I was like, ‘Now go away.’” As for her relationship with former NBC boss Ted Harbert – which took place while she had a show on one of his networks – Handler said she believes people discredited her talent because she was being romanced by her boss.

.’ She doesn’t want kids: ‘I want to be around adults.

Chelsea Handler is promoting the second season of her Netflix talk show, so she’s giving lots and lots of interviews. But when she talks about reproductive rights or being anti-marriage, I often find myself not-hating her in spite of the other emotions she brings out in me.

As I was reading this entire You Magazine piece, I was reminded of something odd: I don’t hate Chelsea Handler. Anyway, of course Chelsea gets asked about Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie in this piece. And of course she can’t just shrug and say “no comment.” What would be the point of that? She claims that Jennifer Aniston doesn’t care: ‘I don’t think Jen cares about what’s going on and it’s crazy that people think she does.

As a first world country [the US] has an obligation to the rest of the world to be broader in our thinking.

I want people from different countries to come over here.

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