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The same thing has happened to classic cars and motorcycles and almost everything else that carries and honest old vibe.Go checkout most of the better bands, regardless of genre, and everybody but the bass player has a LOT of $$$$ in their vintage instruments.5 strings tend to command a 25% premium (one more string- kinda’ makes sense…).Our completely rebuilt models where the entire body has been opened up, re-arched, rebuilt, belly patched, reset necks and rebuilt dovetails, full carbon fiber neck inserts, fingerboard dress (replacement or compensated shim also if needed), and full setup with new adjustable Despiau bridge sell for approx. That is professional grade restoration that comes with a 15 month warranty- try finding that anywhere else on a 75 year old instrument!

The total price can be broken down into three even areas: 1) the body- top, ribs, back, bassbar, linings, tail, corner, and neck blocks 2) the neck- the mortise or dovetail, heel, main section, entire scroll, fingerboard quality and amount of thickness 3) the total setup- This should cover the nut, saddle, how the fingerboard is dressed and cambered, strings, tuning machines, bridge, and tailpiece. Remember that if an instrument has a set of old strings (approx. 0 or more for a Despiau quality installed with adjusters) and needs a new nut and a complete fingerboard dressing (-400) you can run up quite a bill getting it in good working condition, for just basic needs, without addressing any structural issues.

By the mid ’70s and on they had changed things around enough that they started becoming a different bass, but with origins in the Kay style.

The days of these being embarassing old garage sale dinosaurs are gone.

Value estimates get challenging without being able to put your old bass up on the operating table and check everything in person.

As vintage upright bass geeks, we’re in the rare position of being (somewhat) obsessed by one of the few pieces of vintage Americana that are still affordable to the common working man. That old Les Paul now costs as much as your house, or more.

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Anything else is a compromise at best and tends to lessen the value. Everyone online seems to be asking very inflated prices right now, but the reality is that many of them have been for sale for a year or more with no movement.

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