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The book was co-authored by her husband, Dan Mulhern.In "A Governor's Story, The Fight for Jobs and America's Economic Future," Granholm recounts the many challenges the state faced during her term as Governor from 2003 to 2011.The announcer says Granholm hails from British Columbia and is, at the time, “currently working in public relations.” Granholm, at 19, sports big blonde hair, a low-cut blouse and suspenders and poses questions to suitors including, “What was the most famous girl you ever dated famous for?

Evidence of the former is everywhere, though the state has rebounded under Republican Rick Snyder.

If Granholm were to get the nod, it would make sense: She has long been an ally of Hillary Clinton and backed her in the 2008 campaign she lost to Barack Obama.

At present, Granholm is serving as senior adviser to a group working to get Clinton elected this year.

Evidence of the latter is harder to come by, because the once-prolific videos of her Dating Game moment have been scrubbed from the web.

Maybe that’s because, deep in the nightmarish bowels of the DNC, rumors are swirling that she’s looking to become the party’s new chairwoman.

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