Updating 1920 s home wiring

Unfortunately, the fuses or breakers are often not the right size or rating to correspond to the wire size, and won’t work when needed.

Have your electrician check the circuit breaker sizes carefully.

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This is one of the most common safety defects that inspectors find in electrical panels, and one of the least expensive to correct. Knob-and-tube wiring is indeed an antiquated wiring.

My house has a large amount of old electrical wiring called knob and tube. Knob-and-tube wiring dates from the early 1930s and older.

The more important safety issue is whether the inadequate wire size could result in overheating of the wire and a subsequent fire.

Fuses or breakers are designed to prevent overheating of the wiring by cutting off the electricity if too much current is passing through the wire.

You are likely to notice it in the attic or basement, but is likely to be buried in the walls in far greater quantity than what you can see.We’ve come a long way in our use of electricity in the last seventy years, with greater electricity demands as well as greater safety. I am getting conflicting opinions regarding replacing my electrical service to the house.The panel is a Federal Pacific panel installed when the house was built in 1968 and has circuit breakers rather than fuses. Many of the panels of that era are physically quite small and don’t accommodate much, if any, additional wiring.Replacing all the wiring in a house is a much more expensive proposition than replacing the service.Your problem probably relates to the wiring, not the service.

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