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Everyday activities and staples of the summer camp experience become opportunities to expand vocabulary: villagers don’t play soccer; it’s korat al-qaddam. Musical opportunities provide prompting for learning the unique vocabulary of Arab music and its instruments—the oud (a double-stringed predecessor to the lute), the tabla and the qanoon, and engage the villagers in their own interests—while giving them the opportunity to perform! The dean is the on-site director of the Language Village. Shams was introduced to the Language Villages as a villager at Lac du Bois Hackensack and Les Voyageurs, and has come back over the years as a counselor, leadership staff and as a villager parent.They paddle out in a markab onto the buhayra, or simply lounge under the sun on the shata’. Shams holds a Ph D in Arabic and Islamic Studies from Georgetown University’s Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies, an MA in Political Science from Miami University, and a BA in International Studies from Macalester College. - The camera screen will be activated with a lighting rectangle box, move your phone and make sure words will be inside the lighting rectangle box.

Arabic Language Village scholarships are supported by the generosity of individual donors, organizations and companies; we are especially grateful to our premier sponsor, Qatar Foundation International.- You can resume by re-clicking the rectangle box, it will show the notice Resume scanning and continue the searching.TIP:- Wait for Camera auto focus or you can swipe from left to right (in rectange) to trigger the camera auto focus- Under certain angles light sources can creat a Glossy reflection.Each day is filled with a wide variety of sports and games, as well as opportunities to visit the beach, canoe and hike with friends, and even engage in some cultural activities unique to the Arabic village! There is a possibility that you have always found the beauty of Arab women irresistible but even though you know that you can possibly meet them and have Arabic webcam chat with them online, you may feel somewhat hesitant because of various reasons.

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