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This problem has been fixed in 3.5 I’d recommend checking in the team project set into your repository and versioning/tagging it along with the rest of your code base.With each release you may be adding/removing projects and consequently updating the TPS, so it’s important that the TPS matches what the repo looks like at that point.

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As projects are added/removed with each release, you have 3 possibilities: If you want to checkout a branch other than trunk, just open the PSF file and do a Find/Replace of trunk with your branch name.

You could also introduce an automated process as part of your build/release scripts to update the TPS with the correct branch and check it back in automatically, but that’s really optional.

Team Project Set, selecting the projects you want to export and then entering a file name.

The exported file is an XML file, with the default extension of psf, so in the video the file would be In the video, I export 3 projects that I’ve already checked out from Subversion into a TPS file.

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