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The sorority life would not be sustainable if it did not have the financial backing required to keep the events, houses and other expenses afloat.

It is no secret that it is a rich girl's game in order to make it in a sorority.

In their mind, this is the ultimate test to see who is really committed to wanting to join the organization.

Furthermore, they want the new recruits to bond with each other during the hazing process since they are all going through the horrendous experience together as a clan.

Think about it: you need to have all that extra spare time and the cash to pay to make the friends that you make.

If you are someone who is taking on 18 credits while having a part time job working your way through college, chances are that you have little time to devote to even yourself, let alone a sorority.

Given the previous two rules before this one, this really comes as no surprise that alcohol is not to be consumed at any sorority event (except maybe formals which are hosted by fraternities, but those don't technically count as sorority events).

Sorority events involve networking among the chapter members and charity events.

“Only frats can.” The problem is, that puts all the power in the hands of male-run social events on campuses across the country. Here is another BS double standard that applies to sororities but not to fraternities.To join a sorority, you must undergo a recruitment process and impress members that hold leadership positions (aka "the sisters").During Rush Week, potential new members meet and greet each of the different sororities and see where they would fit in. In a way, Rush Week is like speed dating for sororities.Almost every sorority in the entire country is strictly forbidden from not only hosting parties but also even keeping alcohol in their houses.The most shocking part about this is that two thirds of women in America believe that this rule shouldn't change, according to Huffington Post.

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  1. This analysis compares your levels of Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, Openness, Extraversion, Neuroticism to the average of other members.