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Mapmy India maps are also compatible with 2-din systems with Garmin interface* and model Oregon* Running out of petrol and looking for the nearest petrol pump? Want to find a new restaurant and need to call it to make a reservation?

Mapmy India Navigator's built in list of 10.63 million unique destinations lets you easily search for a place, and navigate to it without having to stop and ask strangers on the road.

Here is the change history from ver 4.70 to 4.80: Changes made from version 4.70 to 4.80: Here is the complete release history webpage covering all versions: The longest I've seen in a while for this model series.

I think I'll let a few other brave souls try it first and wait for feedback. So no one else is willing to take the plunge Bunch o' wimps Come on - where's your sense of adventure OK, jonzim, its up to you to test each of the listed fixes and report back (in detail) to the rest of us No rush - anytime before Christmas will be fine on my son's 660, and if it flies, I'll do my 680 next week!

The specs published on the Garmin website will indicate if a particular GPS unit can display Supplemental Maps.

ORrrrrr if you do a map update when the next one comes due that it will update all of the missing updates.

We have compiled a list of compatible GPS units from the Garmin specifications and from personal experience.

The Garmin models listed here are able to display our trail maps unless marked with "*** Can't add maps".

So if you're in India, and own a Garmin device, find your way around the country with Mapmy India maps.

The Mapmy India maps for Garmin are compatible with ALL NUVI SERIES of Garmin devices.

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