Ajax preventing designer file from updating

Following on from this question I am now looking at adding, deleting and updating a user's image on the front end using and vue-resource.I have the delete functionality working no problem but I am having an issue with how I add and upddate a users' image.However, in the real world, there are drafts, noise, radio frequency interference, and, of course, pets with minds of their own.That is why we fine-tuned Ajax technologies to account for everyday life and prevent false alarms.We use only the best available components encased in a finely crafted body.Combined with our patented technologies, this allows Ajax to offer unsurpassed quality of performance and security.We created a security system that can be easily customized, armed/disarmed and monitored with just a few taps on your mobile device.When we built Ajax from the ground up, we made it a point never to compromise.

Learn more In theory, security systems have a simple job — stop intruders.Smart Placement technology will choose the perfect spot to place the detectors, and Smart Bracket mounts allow for a professional-quality installation in minutes.As soon as you launch Ajax, it will start sending notifications to your device about the status of your home and the system itself.You can allow your family, friends or neighbors to help monitor your security system by giving them access to the Ajax Hub.All subscribers will receive notifications, allowing the someone nearby to come to the rescue.

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