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Bracket and Bun feet are also a useful indicator of a period, when found on Chests of various designs.

All types of handle designs were used to decorate further, pieces of furniture such as drawers, doors etc.

Style, the way things look in a particular period, depends upon interlocking social and artistic factors.Medieval styles appealed to the Victorian new rich because they endowed them with a ready-made British heritage.These diverse styles ranged from heavily carved pieces in Norman and Gothic style, through pieces painted with knights and ladies to glittering, heavily encrusted furniture inspired by 14th-century work.set the standards for virtually all wood chair manufacturers until the present day.More reproductions have been made of mid-18th C chairs than any other period.

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NARRATOR: In 1906 the V& A received this advice about the cabinet you see in front of you: LETTER: There will be sold tomorrow at Christies a very interesting cabinet painted by William Morris after his own designs with the story of St George and the Dragon.

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