Jahovas witness dating rules

Death is a physical consequence of Adam and Eve’s original sin, the violation of a “divine law.” Members believe that Jesus Christ paid the ransom of a perfect human life, releasing mankind from sin and death.

One day “death will be no more,” and humans will have the opportunity to enjoy perfect lives.

Members believe that, “…at death, humans cease to exist.

They hold that blood is sacred and represents life.

Therefore death is not to be feared as the absolute end, because the dead who are “in God’s memory” will be resurrected.

Jehovah’s Witnesses do not believe in a place called Hell or a realm of eternal torment.

The belief that they should “abstain from…blood” comes from a biblical passage in the book of Acts.

Witnesses attend meetings at Kingdom Halls, which normally contain no religious symbols but are rather more functional.

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