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She had to step out of the house shortly but she had been hosting Vinnie’s family and Vinnie’s aunt came to the house to change into a black dress.

I took a taxi with Vinnie’s aunt and a few other people to the funeral grounds.

According to her sister, the group inside was betraying her. Then she started screaming and displaying her private parts. Everyone felt that all these grievances should have been aired before a funeral date was picked.

That’s when I found out that no one from her family in Kenya had flown in to Sweden and the sister did not want the funeral to proceed.

We got to the grounds at around 1pm in the afternoon and the drama that ensued was nothing short of being in a really horrible movie.

A newly formed Kenyan organization (Kenyans United in Sweden – Skane) was responsible for making a lot of the necessary arrangements. From the onset, Vinnie’s death has been shrouded in mystery. On 28 June her aunt from Switzerland and sister from Germany were present.

For starters she died in her home and did not wake up after sleeping. A lot of people contributed money to assist the family and the only thing we were told was that we were all welcome for the funeral and there would be a reception after the funeral. I had planned to attend the funeral and woke up concerned about what black dress to wear. I went to meet my friend so we could go to the funeral grounds together.

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First she tried to talk to the funeral director and explained her part of the story.

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