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She was being emotional and combative and the funeral director told her if she did not calm down she would be arrested by the police.

I think at some point the police were called because she was causing a scene and had no underwear on. She flashed her privates to the funeral director once. Things got worse when the father of Vinnie’s daughter drove in to the funeral grounds. They tried to calm her down and had a long conversation with her. She was telling them, “You Swedish policemen are nothing compared to German police.” That girl was showing no fear.

As my Tanzanian friend said, “Can’t she be left to rest in peace?

Do you need advice and tips from your Swedish countrymen?

Who knew I would ever write this sentence on my blog. The case is complicated but I don’t know how effective stripping naked is to get your point across.

We have no idea what is happening in Kenya, if her mom will travel.

For starters she died in her home and did not wake up after sleeping. A lot of people contributed money to assist the family and the only thing we were told was that we were all welcome for the funeral and there would be a reception after the funeral. I had planned to attend the funeral and woke up concerned about what black dress to wear. I went to meet my friend so we could go to the funeral grounds together.

There was a service held in the chapel and a whole group was outside the chapel and another group was inside. Her sister started hurling insults at Vinnie’s son’s father and at Vinnie’s mother in law, accusing them of taking Vinnie’s daughter father side. In conclusion: The day was horribly embarrassing for all involved.

According to her sister, the group inside was betraying her. Then she started screaming and displaying her private parts. Everyone felt that all these grievances should have been aired before a funeral date was picked.

The regular exchange with your Swedish compatriots is also an important aspect of the expat experience and can help you get accustomed to the Kenyan culture and people.

Inter Nations helps you meet and interact with other Swedes in Kenya, living in Nairobi, Garissa, Mobasa and many other places across the country.

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