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Their patentability is determined by applying the tests used to determine the patentability of any type of invention.

However, in the decision of Grant v Commissioner of Patents [2006] FCAFC 120, at paragraph [47], the Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia held that a business method will only be patentable if it has a physical aspect, being a concrete, tangible, physical, or observable effect or phenomenon.

Accordingly, 'pure' business methods, being those that do not have a physical aspect, are not patentable in Australia.

Nonetheless, the USPTO has requested comments from the public on this position. The decision announced a "machine-or-transformation" test of patent eligibility that, if it had been accepted as the exclusive for process patents, would have made ineligible many business-method patents granted in the last decade.Second, processes that do not make patent-eligible transformations are patent eligible only if they are claimed to be carried out with a “particular machine.” It appears that a programmed general-purpose digital computer is not a particular machine, for this purpose.It is unclear from Bilski whether a particular machine must be novel and nonobvious, and specially adapted for carrying out the new process. Flook The majority opinion in In re Bilski refused to hold business methods categorically ineligible on any ground.In invalidating Alice's patent, the Court announced a two-step test based on the Court's earlier decisions in Mayo v. Allowances per month for patents related to finance dropped to 10% of their pre Alice value.Whether a business method is regarded as patentable subject matter depends on the legal jurisdiction.

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