Married and dating another woman

In the previous two posts about the ethics of adultery, we focused on cheating from the perspective of a married person.

But several commenters to those posts asked: what about the other person, particularly if he or she is single (and, of course, the other person in the affair is married)?

It may very well be--I'm not judging, by any means--but it's something you might want to think about. I want someday to do something for people in these situations; in the meantime I have started a blog also at live your dream blog dot com. Jacqueline How about the other woman wait until the man becomes available?

These types of moral factors (which usually correspond to deontological ethics) are often called , because different persons have different obligations depending on their relationships to other persons (and these may also deviate from the consequentialist recommendation).I have often wondered, in my situation, being with someone who (when we are together) cherishes me and treats me with great esteem, affection, and attachment, what precisely hurts when that person must go and be dutiful to the rest of his life (read: the partner to whom he is committed).It shouldn't hurt; it shouldn't be inadequate by any rational standard. Sometimes, I think our emotional lives resemble Russian novels more than we want to think.If they leave, it's their OWN DECISION to step out of the marriage. Accept that and you will understand that you really weren't married in the way you perhaps thought you were. White, thanks for continuing this interesting thread.By definition alone a single person can't commit adultery. This one reminded me of other articles on the PT site that discuss the issue of bullying, specifically how the bully is the one most hurt by the bullying.

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