Married and dating another woman

On the surface, if adultery is wrong, it seems that it would be equally wrong for both parties.But we saw in an earlier post that while adultery is wrong in most all cases, there may be some cases in which it is justified—and furthermore, those cases may not be the same for the married person as for the single.If I can leave you with one general thought about ethics, besides my usual point about there being no easy answers and that it all comes down to judgment (which definitely holds here), it's that morality (according to almost any school) doesn't just cover actions towards other people.

You will earn respect for yourselves than what you currently do by going along with end a part to CHEATING. he left of his own choosing - not because she "stole" home ... GET over thinking people that someone can be "stolen." Nope.If they leave, it's their OWN DECISION to step out of the marriage. Accept that and you will understand that you really weren't married in the way you perhaps thought you were. White, thanks for continuing this interesting thread.By definition alone a single person can't commit adultery. This one reminded me of other articles on the PT site that discuss the issue of bullying, specifically how the bully is the one most hurt by the bullying.Perhaps the most important personal obligation that the single adulterer has is . Does it fit with your goals regarding love, sex, marriage, children, etc.?Specifically, is there a chance your co-adulterer will leave his or her marriage?

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If adultery causes a certain amount of total harm versus benefit, and this makes it wrong or not, it wouldn't matter whether we take the perspective of the married or single person.

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