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In the end, Torres is shown to have accepted this as well and has decided to leave with Robbins.

However, a fight at the airport results in Robbins leaving for Malawi without Torres, ending their relationship.

According to Pima County court records, Mc Sally and Henry were married in Tucson in 1997.

Two years later on November 29,1999, Mc Sally and her Tucson-based divorce lawyer traveled to Santa Cruz County--90 miles south of Tucson--to have the marriage annulled.

Except for allowing both Mc Sally and Henry to keep their respective houses and respective government retirement accounts, the annulment document shows very little division of property beyond a few knick-knacks, a truck, and credit card debt.

Mc Sally--a former employee of Kyl, a long-time Arizona Senator--is running against Democrat Ron Barber, a former employee of Giffords in a race for Congressional District 2.

After proposing, the two get in a car crash leaving Torres in critical condition.

A series of surgeries follows, including the delivery of her premature baby, along with emotional breakdowns of both Sloan and Robbins.

She was established as a love-interest for orthopedic resident Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) after the Torres' storyline with Erica Hahn (Brooke Smith) was cut short due to what series creator Shonda Rhimes called "a lack of chemistry".Matt Mitovich of TV Guide described her as a "fan favorite", and Chris Monfette for IGN praised the addition of "fresh, new characters", such as Robbins over the course of the season. Jordan Kenley (John Sloman), Chief Webber (James Pickens, Jr.) replaces his head of pediatric surgery with Dr.Arizona Robbins, a graduate of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.Shonda Rhimes was in contrast pleased with the chemistry between Robbins and Torres, citing the addition of Capshaw to the cast as an element of the season of which she was most proud.Initial media reaction to the character was positive.

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Upon the awakening of Torres, she accepts her marriage proposal, and the two are married by Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson).

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