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I think my flatmate described it aptly when she said RSVP is a bit bogan!There are so many boring profiles that are just cardboard cutouts of everyone else, and it has been rare to find a well written profile that makes the person seem interesting.The messaging reply rating is a positive, but to take it a step further, why not reward people who reply with stamps for replying within 15mins for 20 consecutive messages.How about someone who sends more than 10 consecutive messages and getting a negative responce every time, gets rewarded with 1 stamp? the stamp thing is crazy and I dont know how thats even working for this company, usually its a monthly membership and doesn't even cost what this place does.worst thing was when i sent a kiss to somebody and when they returned the kiss, they want to start a conversation and either he or I have to invest a stamp, two out of my 3 stamps ended in a three sentence conversation, that went something like, ohh I just properly read your profile and i am not interested, so my stamp lasted a full 2 minutes.Have had lots of kisses from guys and also lots of emails.I have been matched perfectly with most of them although i have had quite a few younger guys emailing me.

Didn't like the quality of the matches and eventually just felt like it was a free for all for anyone that loosely fit my criteria of being 'male'.The photos are hard to view Having used eharmony before , i must admit I found eharmony easier to navigate around.Also I received matches but not sure what these were based on (perhaps just location?The quick response options on the app are handy too.I like the range of auto response options as well, except that they're not always consistently available Oh god, so much!!

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