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Vaughn’s story from his first disastrous climb on K2 detailed that the dexamethasone was swept away, but Wick later discovers an empty box of dex, proving his assertions that Vaughn used it for himself and ultimately let Wick’s wife die from pulmonary edema to which Wick swears revenge on Vaughn.Meanwhile, in the crevasse, Vaughn administers dex to himself and kills Tom with the syringe full of air to save the remaining dex for himself.Monique alone remains on the ledge holding the rope with the other four hang on to it.To save Annie and Peter, and to fulfill his revenge on Vaughn, Wick pulls a knife from his pocket, says a Buddhist prayer and cuts the rope holding himself and Vaughn (similar to Royce Garrett’s death) dropping the two to their deaths.Cyril is able to climb back up, but an avalanche throws him over the edge of a steep cliff.

Skip is unable to go as Wick says he needs someone he can trust at base camp directing the mission.

CAST Caity Lotz (Legends of Tomorrow) Casper Van Dien (Starship troopers) Kathleen Rose Perkins (Gone Girl) Haley Hudson (Freaky Friday) Sam Ball (13 Going on 30) Mark Steger (I Am Legend) Agnes Bruckner (The Woods) Nicole Barlow is finalizing preparations for her mother’s funeral at her childhood home in San Pedro, California.

Her sister, Annie does not want to attend, reminding Nicole of the way their mother used to treat them.

Peter is dropped off at K2 Base Camp and searches for Annie who is planning a summit attempt on K2, the world’s second highest and most dangerous mountain.

The expedition is funded by wealthy industrialist Elliot Vaughn (Paxton) who is also part of Annie’s expedition, with the help of renowned climber Tom Mc Laren (Nicholas Lea).

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