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The bank run continued on Saturday, is accelerating ‘as we speak’, and has been aggravated by the first-ever online bank run, with customers withdrawing their funds online all weekend.When was the world last treated to press pictures of distressed savers lining up outside their bank branches anywhere in the West, to withdraw their deposits?Paulson, the former CEO of Goldman Sachs, since June 2006.On arriving at the US Treasury, Paulson retained sole signatory power over the funds, which had originally been parked at Goldman Sachs, in what we have described as the most disgraceful conflict of interest in world financial history.Paulson, the US Treasury Secretary, and his corrupt colleagues at the highest levels of the US Federal Government and its structures – who seized illegal control of the .5 trillion compromise Settlement finalised in bad faith in May 2006 by the President of the United States, leading US legislators, Supreme Court Justices, and other eminences – fulfilled their formal undertaking to enable Ambassador Leo Wanta to take economic receipt of the .5 trillion with which he would at once have embarked upon on-the-books capital markets operations for the long-term benefit of the US Treasury, the American people, and ‘the whole of humanity’, to cite the message of Her Majesty the Queen to the Group of Eight Meeting in Germany last June.On the contrary, had the payment been completed, the illegal transactions which Wantagate has exposed, would all have been brushed under a gigantic Iranian carpet, and few would have been any the wiser.

WANTA $$ EMBEZZLED BY AGENTS FOR CLINTON, CHENEY NEW ASSASSINATION THREAT FEDEXED TO THE EDITOR Monday 17 September 2007 DOCUMENTS IMPLICATE PAUL MICHAEL BAUER, GWENDOLYN ANN WAYMARK BANK DOCUMENT FORGERIES REVEAL U. RANSACKING OF WANTA’S ACCOUNTS THE CIA’S OSAMA BIN LADEN (‘TIM OSMAN’) DIED ON 26TH DECEMBER 2001 ‘WAR ON TERROR’ = COVER TO MASK U. FRAUDULENT FINANCE OFFENSIVE By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited, London and New York: Long queues built up outside Northern Rock branches around the country, as customers who had spent three or four hours trying to access their funds via the institution’s on-line banking service, appeared at branches instead – or else turned up at the branch where their savings were booked, to withdraw the lot.The panic was reported to be especially acute among people who have had their fingers burned with the earlier corrupt mishandling of their pensions, and who now feared that their savings were going up in smoke, as well.STATUTES AND REGULATIONS BREACHED MISPRISION OF FELONY As this world financial crisis has escalated following the reprobate decisions of Paulson and his superiors to steal, divert and abuse the Ambassador’s Settlement funds – enabling their associates and the CIA to ‘run the money’, and its controlled and co-conspiring institutions to contravene US Statutes and securities regulations on a scale without historical precedent – several awkward circumstances have been ‘creeping up’ on these corrupt operatives: • In the first place, since we have published, and continue to publish, a list of the Statutes of which they and their co-conspiring financial institutions are in breach, all concerned have forfeited any prospect of ‘special consideration’, leniency and/or immunity from prosecution now or in the future, because any such treatment would reconfirm to the whole world that the Rule of Law is a total farce in the United States, which would therefore be universally seen to have reverted to a system of corrupt, barbaric banditry.The cynical assumption that these criminal operatives can still rely upon Presidential Pardons to let them off the hook, is largely fanciful.

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Northern Rock’s computer system collapsed under the pressure of customers seeking to withdraw their funds, while Christopher and Fiona Howard, hoteliers, entered the Cheltenham branch of Northern Rock demanding their money (about £1.0 million), and blocked the doorway after being told that the bank did not keep such a large quantity of banknotes on the premises.

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