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We have reiterated these Statutes and Securities Regulations in order for us all to be quite sure that no-one in the United States who has been following Wantagate, can remain under illusions on this score. citizen, now possess from reading these reports, YOU are required to report these crimes to some Judge or other military or civil official under the United States, forthwith – not least in order to avoid running the risk of suffering three years’ GULAG imprisonment and/or a hefty fine.

On arriving at the US Treasury, Paulson retained sole signatory power over the funds, which had originally been parked at Goldman Sachs, in what we have described as the most disgraceful conflict of interest in world financial history.

The British authorities are pleading with depositors, almost screaming at them, to stay calm, after the shares in other UK secondary banks – Bradford and Bingley, and Alliance and Leicester – fell sharply when the market opened on 17th September.

The Editor of this service was Editor of International Currency Review in 1973, and reported on most of the subsequent banking crises – which, it has since become clear thanks to our Wantagate exposures, have ALL been attributable ultimately, behind-the-scenes, to criminal financial fraud operations perpetrated by CIA-linked operatives applying their evil scamming skills to exploit the fiat money system for their own and their handlers’ benefit, and to procure the independence of the US intelligence community as an arrogant and malevolent ‘state within the state’.

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