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This car has an observation deck for guests to enjoy the beautiful Napa Valley weather.The Zinfandel Lounge Car is one of the 1915 Pullmans that came from the Denver Rio Grande, originally built for the Northern Pacific Railway.It has a mahogany passageway with windows that allows guests to come and view the chefs in action, preparing all of the meals fresh and to order on board.The Gourmet Express Dining Car was built in 1917 and was originally a reclined seating coach.Mc Kinley.” In 1989 the car went to California for the Sun Express and in 1990 was sold to Amtrak and numbered 9311.In 1995, it was bought by the Napa Valley Wine Train and named the “Champagne Vista Dome.” Its exterior was refurbished at the Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus train yard and joined the line in 1997.The Power Car ensures constant power supply for the Train, operating lights, air conditioning, fans, and the kitchen, even when the engines do their turnaround in St. It is believed to be the only power car in existence that passengers can enter and walk through while in operation.

Dating back from 1915, they boast their original owner’s logo: the Northern Pacific Yin-Yang.It was added to the consist in 1990, the Napa Valley Wine Train’s second year of operation, and boasts the largest capacity at 72.Today, this car is one of the two main dining cars for our Gourmet Express Dining Journey, with tables for four along both sides of the car.The main kitchen car, called Le Chef de Cuisine, is also a 1915 Pullman, but this car was originally built for the Southern Pacific Railroad.The Napa Valley Wine Train acquired it from the South Carolina Railroad Museum and converted it to the Kitchen Car.

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