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And that happens a lot when you're very ambitious." After returning from the United States after the launch of her debut studio album The Family Jewels (2010), Diamandis considered creating a character which would become the centerpiece of her follow-up project.

Luke, Diplo and Star Gate during its recording, and subsequently transitioned from the new wave musical styles seen throughout her debut studio album, The Family Jewels (2010).

Electra Heart was supported by three singles, all of which were supplemented by music videos.

"Primadonna" was released as the lead single from the album on 20 March 2012, and peaked at number 11 on the UK Singles Chart.

On 1 March, Diamandis unveiled the album artwork for the standard version of Electra Heart, which depicts a blonde Diamandis wearing several hair rollers.

The singer later revealed that because of the dye, her hair started to fall out, so she got a boy's haircut and wore a wig.

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And the point of introducing her and building a whole concept around her is that she stands for the corrupt side of American ideology, and basically that's the corruption of yourself.

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